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Rock of Ages - Hollywood
Rock of Ages Hollywood

...mullet-sporting Matt Wolpe hilariously keeps things flowing as Lonny, the narrator.

-LA Daily News


Last but most definitely not least, Wolpe turns Lonnie into an ad-libbing, unleashed, outrageous, humongous-voiced force of nature.

-Stage Scene LA

Matt Wolpe is the fun-loving, easily excitable, and cartwheel-performing Lonny, who is a fourth-wall-breaking “dramatic conjurer” in addition to being Dennis’ best friend. Wolpe’s portrayal feels light and extemporaneous as he interacts with the audience and in many ways earns the distinction of being the linchpin and heart of the show. Wolpe’s comedy is also on point as his mullet-wearing and nunchucks-swinging Lonny ensures that Act I finishes with a flurry of jazz hands before he subsequently performs a riotous more-than-friendship duet.

- LA Excites

The team has assembled a stellar cast, not a weak link among them. Nick Cordero, is the ideal foil for Matt Wolpe’s manic Lonny, a propulsive, warm narrator who reminds us all that half the fun of the show is its sense of humor about itself.

-Entertainment Weekly


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